ReSpark is a new app from CleanCar, which facilitates smart local resident parking, aimed at improving air quality.

ReSpark is designed to reward residents for owning cleaner vehicles by dynamically generating pricing based on a vehicle’s environmental impact. It means that those with CleanCar vehicles pay less and those with the most polluting vehicles pay the most.

The ReSpark system allows a user to input their vehicle registration and asses many variables to generate a unique annual price for each vehicle, including C02 and NOx emissions, vehicle age, size, and weight.

The system is designed to help local authorities manage road space in an environmentally friendly and revenue-neutral way.

Through our data science team and data lead approach, we provide a solution that is most likely to be acceptable to the community and minimises impact on the poorest areas of the community

ReSpark can also offer links to our CleanCar app for residents looking to transition to electric vehicles.

The Problem

The proliferation of vehicles in urban areas has resulted in congestion, poor air quality, and increasing health problems for residents.

In response, the government is seeking to reduce vehicle journey numbers, encourage the uptake of zero-emission transport and encourage the adoption of electric vehicles where a car is a necessity.

Dynamic, incentivised parking pricing is a simple but effective way to encourage greener choices and improve local health outcomes.

ReSpark is an intuitive app with a user-friendly interface. It can be customised to help manage local parking systems while helping councils hit environmental targets and maintain revenues.

The data gathered from the system can also assist with future electric vehicle charging infrastructure strategies.

How it Works

We can integrate ReSpark into whatever IT environment you currently use for generating parking permits. 


Alternatively, it can run independently alongside your existing systems (including POS).

We can set the pricing model to help promote optimal vehicle purchasing choices. This can be customised to meet particular targets (for example offering discounts for small vehicles if parking space is an issue, or incentivising non-diesel vehicles if eliminating diesel is a primary objective).

We produce an overview of the new pricing model that highlights revenue changes and the impact on residents.

We can also prepare information for residents and provide public consultation and documentation.

The ReSpark solution aims to make it simple for local authorities to implement a new residents parking system that will improve air quality.

About CleanCar


CleanCar is growing to become a trusted market leader in the provision of leading-edge vehicle tracking and analytics services. We will use our insights and technology to help people switch from internal combustion engine vehicles (ICE) to electric vehicles (EV) and help in the design and development of strategic e-mobility infrastructure in cities. 

CleanCar takes the guesswork out of switching to electric vehicles.

Our vehicle tracking and data analytics systems monitor customer driving patterns for a few days to provide a solution tailored to their real-world needs. The system considers everything from charging frequency to potential lifetime cost savings to create a new vehicle recommendation.  It works from a simple app, or plug-and-play GPS device, linked to an attractive user interface, driven by GPS enabled data.

The system produces clear and unbiased results, enabling customers to make informed decisions and drive away happy in the knowledge that they have made the right choice.