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How CleanCar can help you unlock sales opportunities

Make your own CleanCar

White labelled, own branded and designed to look like your very own web site, we can create an incredible web site that will drive sales and increase your EV/Hybrid footprint.

Own Brand | Own Content | Own Design | Fully Featured | Sales Tool | White labelled

Our CEO talks about CleanCar

CleanCar – How it works?

Customers are leaving your dealerships

CleanCar = a second chance
Customers are constantly walking in and out of your dealerships and walking past new vehicles that could save them a fortune and be perfect for them. Offer them a CleanCar device and show them just how much they are missing out. CleanCar gives you a second chance

Why CleanCar

The CleanCar system could be given to potential EV/Hybrid customers and will give them valuable information about their suitability for an EV. It’s an incredibly powerful sales tool that will pay back in spades.

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