The CleanCar system is designed to help drivers see if they are suited to an electric vehicle, and to help them understand the benefits of an EV.

Our customers however are often not the driver but another party such as their employer or a vehicle manufacturer. As such we have more than one business model depending upon who the customer is.

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Sign up today to our TEN Dongles for 6 Months Deal

This package gives you 10 CleanCar GPS Dongles and up to 6 months access to the CleanCar system. Once you place an order you will be sent 10 GPS dongles and will be given full access to the CleanCar system. As part of this offer, we provide a 14-day no-quibble money-back guarantee.


10 GPS Dongles for 6 Months

  • Full Access to the CleanCar system
  • Independent TCO analysis
  • Money Back Guarantee
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Looking to increase the uptake of Electric Vehicles?

Are you a fleet, a local authority a city or a vehicle manufacturer CleanCar has an offering suited to your needs. Get in touch today to find out more

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Electric Vehicles Make The Right Choice

Are you interested in electric vehicles? Trying to help employees or customers make the switch to electric vehicles. CleanCar is what you have been looking for, it’s the tool that makes the switch to EV, informed, simple and quick. We show you the benefits of owning an EV, specific to your requirements…

The Types of Businesses We Work With

What’s Included in CleanCar

CleanCar can be used for a variety of important uses, helping you to make risk free decisions.

Collect Real World Data

Use a CleanCar GPS device or phone app to record how a driver is using their vehicle, It’s quick and simple and can be set up by the driver in seconds.

Show Electric Vehicle Suitability

CleanCar analyses real world driving data with its algorithms and show whether or not a vehicle is suited to be switched to an Electric Vehicle.

Latest Secure Technologies

The CleanCar system has been built from solid foundations on AWS using the latest technologies and proven security credentials. We do all we can to keep you secure and your data private.

Set Benchmarks for New Technology

Not all your drivers are suited to EV today, but wouldn’t it be great to understand the range required so that they will be. We can get you ready, so you can benefit from improvements in range as and when new cars are released.

Truly Understand Ev Infrastructure Requirements.

You are going to order Electric Vehicles, you need to install charging points, CleanCar shows you what type of chargers, how many and where to put them.

Understand The Cost Benefits of Electric Vehicles!

There are many Electric Vehicles to choose from, CleanCar will rule out those that are not suited and show you the benefits of those that are suitable for your needs.

Bespoke Systems

The CleanCar team comprises of more than 60 designers, developers, dev ops and many more. If you have bespoke development requirements, we can build what you need.

Compare the Benefits against a Conventional Vehicle

CleanCar can show you the cost benefits of a specific internal combustion engine vehicle against an equivalent EV, helping you make the right choice.

Have your own branding, logos and colour scheme

If you are looking to use CleanCar for your own customers, then we can brand it and apply your colour scheme making it look and feel like your systems.

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