In Summary

 The CleanCar system can help local authorities with the following key strategies.

  • Improve the uptake of EV amongst residents
  • Improving the uptake of EV amongst business
  • Ensuring the allocation of funding towards EV uptake is effective and measurable.
  • Optimising strategies for providing public charging ensuring the best cost and value options

 Understanding the Situation

 You are a local authority, there is a climate emergency, and the statistics related to air pollution prove that the traffic in your city is harming the lungs of children and increasing deaths amongst those with underlying health conditions.

Its fully understood that there is no silver bullet that will prevent these issues. Still, the solution involves a variety of activities aimed to reduce the reliance on fossil fuel vehicles.

You understand that for many people owning a vehicle is a requirement, and the only option available is to swap this vehicle for a zero-emission vehicle

Understanding the Problem

The local community is full of residents, businesses and those that commute for work which regularly are driving vehicles around the city in cars varying in age and with lesser or more significant impact on the environment.  In an ideal world, everyone could work towards a plan to make the switch to an electric vehicle, the infrastructure could be installed over time, and all the issues would be resolved.  This, however, is unlikely.

As a Local Authority, you have a budget, a potentially minimal budget to help the local community with the uptake of Electric Vehicles and you are painfully aware that tour options are limited and you cannot achieve all you want.  The key to your solution is to get the best bang for your buck, in other words, come up with t strategy that has the highest possible measurable impact.

The Solution

In a city that’s in constant flux, with an industry that’s undergoing massive change, its impossible to plan for all options.  However, just because it’s impossible to plan all possible options accurately, it does not mean we should not try.

Our approach is to work on the quick wins, the low hanging fruit, where there is an opportunity to make the change and have a measurable impact

How it works

The CleanCar Resident app is a smartphone application that you can distribute to residents and businesses in your area. The app aims to help prove to car users the benefits of making the switch from ICE to EV. 

The steps are simple

  1. We provide you with a full solution that collects GPS data and then shows the user if an EV is a valid alternative to their ICE vehicle and if they will save any money
  2. You roll the solution out via local businesses, the chamber of commerce and through other known sources.
  3. Users sign up to the app and use the app.
  4. The data it creates is aggregated in the background so you can build up a data-led picture outlining ideal locations for charging infrastructure, EV adoption hot spots, businesses interested in mass adoption.
  5.  You are safe in the knowledge that privacy and security are managed with state of the art technology and in adherence with GDPR legislation.

Why is this approach optimum?

Adopting this approach to city infrastructure and EV adoption is optimum on several levels;

  1.  By engaging the local community, you not only educate them to the benefits of an EV but you get them interested, they become involved in what’s going on and realise they have a vested interest in making the changes
  2. Collecting large amounts of data helps you to build up a picture of what decisions you make will have the most positive impact.
  3. Decision making and strategy can be moulded and adjusted as the situation changes..”
  4. By engaging the local population you get the best bang for your buck, after all, if you can prove the benefits of an EV then the community will invest in their own EV and infrastructure, but you can count the win.

What Next

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