Electric Cargo Bikes offer a highly versatile and efficient method of transport for those wanting to carry packages, cargo, food, deliveries and much more

At CleanCar we can help you to understand the benefits of making the switch and help you to understand the facts about this new and exciting form of freight delivery.

Why Electric Cargo Bikes?

  • In cities, electric cargo bikes offer a clean, efficient alternative to delivery systems using highly polluting internal combustion engine vehicles.
  • In the COVID/Post-COVID environment, city authorities are looking for ways to deliver goods into cities in a way that minimises air pollution and congestion.
  • Online shopping is now a major feature of retail life, but this has meant an explosion in delivery vehicles in and around cities.
  • Our alternative system sees goods can be delivered to fulfilment warehouses for ‘final mile’ delivery via electric cargo bikes.

What’s the catch?

  • Why does everyone not jump on board and invest in a new electric cargo bike?
  • We recognise that companies reliant on deliveries will have many questions such as;
    • can the bikes handle the workload?
    • will it be cost effective, given the large initial cost of an e-cargo bike?
    • will our team take to the new system?
    • are they safe? Will our employees be safe?
    • how long do they take to charge?

How can we help?

  • We place a small GPS device in your current vehicle and record your journeys for a few weeks
  • We build up a profile of your vehicle usage, which includes the type of trips you make, where the vehicle is parked, what kind of speed profile and the type of cargo you have onboard
  • We then compare the profile the current range of cargo bikes to see if a bike could be a suitable alternative
  • We also show a cost comparison where we compare the costs of operating a new car or a new bike; this includes comparisons of petrol, diesel, electric and PHEV vehicles.
  • Through our CleanCar analysis, we also show you if an Electric Car could be a good option and if it is a cost-effective alternative to a petrol or diesel vehicle.

Why is this the optimum approach?

  • Investing in a new system, particularly one that may be radically different from your current approach, is risky. It’s natural to want hard data on which to base decisions.
  • By using robust data capture and analysis, we can help you manage that risk.
  • Our data will show you whether you a switch to e-cargo bikes or another form of e-mobility, is practically and financially worthwhile.
  • If the data recommends switching to a new model, you can make the change safe in the knowledge that you have done the right thing.


Driving Change