I was speaking to one of the UK’s car park operators recently, and they conveyed how they have seen a change in behaviour for their season ticket parking permits.  Traditionally these permits are set up by users for Monday through Friday to meet with their daily commute into the office.  In recent weeks, however, they have seen a change, where new customers have come along, and those renewing permits are now looking for subscriptions of two or three days as opposed to five.

Through talking to these customers, it seems there will be a greater reliance on the future on home working, but when the customer does need to go into the office, they will do so by car as opposed to public transport.  I am sure many can understand this transition.

It’s interesting though and creates a bunch of questions.

  • Will business needs office space as much and will many start to close offices, what does this do to our city centres?
  • Will public transport be able to survive on smaller revenue, will it need higher subsidies to exist?
  • Will it be better for public transport, meaning few services are required, but those could be new and more eco friendly?
  • Now rail transport is effectively nationalised, will it ever be possible to re-privatise, will the franchises want back in?
  • With less travel required for work will electric vehicles look more attractive, especially cars with smaller batteries and shorter range.
  • Will we all get very tired of working from home and be desperate to get back in the office.

Comments, ideas, anecdotes and insights welcome.