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Fleet guide to switching from ICE to EV’s Decision-making checklist!

Considering over 50% (54% in 2016) of all new cars including EV’s, sold in the UK, are bought or leased by fleet operators then it‘s clear that the key decision making factors that really count when making the switch to electric mobility are NOT simply based around the misguided perceptions surrounding EV’s such too high a purchase price and low and unsuitable ‘range’ capability; the normal ill informed mantra that you regularly read and hear about electric vehicles.

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Range concerns in most circumstances are simply a red herring for fleet management when switching to EV’s. Accurate vehicle and driver duty roster data coupled with knowing the appropriate charge infrastructure type (fast/medium) and location (home/office/depot) requirements provides an accurate vehicle ‘switch’ suitability rating for ICE to EV’s within the Fleet.

Suitability Rating

Once usage data is collected based on regular journey patterns, distances, overnight parking locations and occasional long distance trips, then a suitability rating is achieved for each vehicle or indeed type of vehicle (area sales representative, Directors car, Maintenance/service vehicle, delivery van etc).

Whole Life Cost

Accurately comparing purchase/lease and finance costs over the lifetime of Fleet usage including mileage based fuel/charge costs, insurance, maintenance/repair, taxation benefits, congestion & clean air charges with ‘residual value’ factors added in, will give a clear cost benefit argument to switch or not as the case may be. As a rule of thumb, in most circumstances, Fleet’s see a cost benefit upside of on average £2k per annum in favour of EV’s.

Other Factors

National and Local Government provide taxation benefits and upfront grants for the purchase/lease of EVs and their charging infrastructure requirements which adds to the business case for their deployment into fleets. More importantly perhaps are current and planned future policies that do/will impose fines and charges on ICE vehicles used within designated clean air city centre locations which, without informed forward planning, will increasingly negatively impact both large and small businesses across the UK.

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