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CleanCar Consumer/Residents App,  IOS and Android Trial Access.

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Welcome to the CleanCar Residents App,  IOS and Android Trial Access.

You are viewing this page as you have been selected by the CleanCar team to have exclusive access to the CleanCar app for free.

To enable your trial access the CleanCar team need to set up an account and provide you with an access code.  This code is a 6 character alphanumeric number that you enter when you register, it ensures your access is free of charge.

if for any reason you are struggling please email

A Reminder of CleanCar

  • CleanCar is an application persuades people (residents and customers) to switch to EV.
  • It’s a smartphone app that once downloaded, builds a profile of how you use your car.
  • With this profile, we show if an Electric Vehicle is a valid alternative to a petrol or diesel car
  • We also show if you will save any money by making the switch
  • We demonstrate the capabilities of the local public charging network

It can also be used to prove the suitability and benefits of cargo bikes



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