What is V2GO?

The V2GO (Vehicle to Grid Oxfordshire) project is funded by Innovate UK and investigates novel tools, technologies and business models, facilitating the successful integration of Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) services into the power system and mobility value-chains. The project is particularly focused on V2G forelectric vehicle fleets, given that fleet managers can drive large-scale organisational change if a high value opportunity can be identified. The project will address this challenge, through real world V2G field trials (on the order of 100 electric vehicles and 100 charge points) and power+mobility modelling to analyse the complex interactions between electric fleet usage, charging infrastructure and the integration of V2G services into power system operation.

The project is led by EDF Energy, and brings together a consortium that spans a significant subsection of the power system and mobility value chains: Arrival (a UK based electric vehicle designer and manufacturer), EO (a UK based charge point manufacturer and integrator), Fleet Innovations (a UK based consultancy with expertise in GPS telemetry) and Upside Energy (a UK based energy storage aggregator). The research objectives are supported by two research groups at the University of Oxford, the Energy and Power Group and the Transport Services Unit.

The key research objectives are:

  • Investigate how V2G can provide value to the existing and expected operations of the power system and electric vehicle fleets/users, and new business models and strategies which could support V2G.
  • Develop an electric vehicle power+mobility modelling framework, to understand the complex interactions between fleet usage, charging infrastructure and V2G services.
  • Conduct real world V2G field trials, involving on the order of 100 vehicles and 100 charge points.
  • Develop a platform for coordinating real-time V2G operation to maximise value considering power system and mobility value chains.
  • Develop a toolkit allowing V2G aggregators and fleet managers to work together to quantify the potential benefits of fleet electrification, and the added value of providing V2G services.
  • Investigate the broader potential value of V2G, as well as key risks and barriers.

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