The Current Situation

Dealerships have a significant footfall of people, some looking to buy, some browsing and some servicing their vehicles.

In today’s modern dealerships there is a new breed of car, the electric or plug-in hybrid, and although they are selling well the percentage sales are still small compared to their petrol or diesel equivalents. 

There are several reasons that prevent people buying a new EV including:

  • They can seem expensive
  • Buyers are worried they do not have the range required for their unique requirements
  • Buyers fear new technology
  • Some simply don’t care and have apathy for EV
  • They could encounter a salesperson who does not understand the benefits

There are several reasons why buyers should consider an EV:

  • With the average range of an EV now above 200 miles, the range is likely not a problem for most buyers
  • Compared to an equivalent diesel or petrol the lifetime costs  of an EV can mean an owner will save more than £2,000 per year
  • There are some compelling lease deals
  • EV’s have lower maintenance costs
  • Tax for EV’s is very low and in the future vast swathes of our cities will only be accessible in an EV

At CleanCar we have a unique approach:

Imagine a customer in a dealership, they are drinking coffee and looking at the new range of electric vehicles.  A salesperson walks over and asks if they can help.  The customer mentions they like the look of the car but would never spend that much on a new car and they are unsure about electric anyway

The sales person explains they have a deal on where a customer could lease the car for £250 a month. The customer is interested but needs convincing, their main objection now is that the 230-mile range is not enough and an equivalent diesel would be cheaper.

The salesperson could get into a discussion or even an argument over this however they could simply say.  Why don’t you try CleanCar?

“CleanCar is simple, just plug this GPS device into your car for 2 weeks or download our app (I can do it for you now).  For the next two weeks, we will capture your trips and then show you if an Electric Car will be suitable and how much money you could save.  If you want you can book an appointment in a fortnight and I will show you.  Just pop this in your car and let’s look in your diary.”

The customer returns after two weeks to be shown the benefits of an EV, showing potential savings and benefits.  The worst case scenario is that an EV does not work and the salesperson sells them a low emission petrol car.

CleanCar is the perfect sales tool for a vehicle manufacturer and a dealership.  CleanCar shows:

  • The benefits of buying an EV
  • Can be branded to look as if it’s their system
  • Can be linked into a finance system to promote leasing
  • Prevents mis-selling or misinformation of EV’s
  • It’s ready to go and proven technology

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