Are you considering a new car or van? Are you considering an Electric Vehicle?

Did you know that the average range of an electric vehicle (EV) is now greater than 200 miles and when compared to equivalent petrol or diesel vehicles, an electric car could save you more than £2000 per year?

Do you know there is a new App that can help you to understand if an electric car is a good fit for your lifestyle?

How It Works:

CleanCar is a smartphone application, it uses GPS (with your consent) to automatically record your car journeys.  From these journeys, it creates a vehicle usage profile.  Once the profile is calculated, the system compares your usage against the range and charging restrictions of Electric vehicles on the market, and then shows you if an EV is suited to your needs and if you will save money by making the switch.

How do you access the CleanCar App:

The app is currently in the late stage of User Acceptance testing phase so you will need to contact, for a voucher code visit the app store, here (Apple) and here (Android) to download the app, and when you register, enter the code you have been given via email.  Free places are limited and on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Why have we done this, well it’s simple, we think electric vehicles can offer significant benefits for the right person. With the government support that’s in place in the UK, there is no time like the present to consider an electric vehicle.  Whatever the results, you will be armed with the facts and free to make your own mind up.

Full details of CleanCar can be found here:

A walkthrough of the system is here.

Frequently asked questions are here.

Help or Support Required?

If you have any issue, problems, ideas, or problems, please email