CleanCar’s B2B fleet electric mobility profiling solution up scales. This is to manage the increasing Consumer demand for personal EV suitability and cost-benefit advice.



Demand for a personalised, evidence-based EV suitability rating with definitive cost-benefit proof increases significantly. As Private Motorists accelerate their desire to lease or purchase comparable EV’s, switching from their current petrol/diesel make and model of choice. Motorists can now use their own vehicle usage data to fully inform their financial decision-making in the switch to a suitable, fit for purpose electric car. Web Summit 7 attendees can see first hand how, on average, motorists (in the UK at least) see around a £2,000 annual saving when making the switch to electric mobility. That’s a decent all-inclusive family vacation or pays most if not all of an average family’s yearly utility bills (including electric!).

You can now get an accurate steer on your suitability to switch with CleanCar’s self-service online calculator. Which, by answering a few simple questions, will indicate your suitability rating to change to an electric vehicle. Based on your suitability rating result, you can then go on use CleanCar’s system to establish an accurate Whole Life Cost analysis. This will be comparing to your existing vehicle (new model) with recommended ‘fit for purpose’ equivalent EV’s available on the market today.

CleanCar’s system uses either a small self-fit plug-in device or a mobile app to record journey data via GPS. Then, applies its algorithm’s to personalise both an accurate suitability rating as well as a detailed cost analysis. This is called Whole Life Cost. C02 & NOX emissions reductions are also calculated based on mileage data. The resulting report covers off all the upfront and ongoing running costs of purchase or lease, tax, maintenance, fuel and resale value and to work out a monthly or annual net cost benefit for a range of recommended EVs compared with the usage profile and costs of the current car’s new model equivalent. Oh, and it also reports when you are not suitable to switch based on the cost, range and specifications of all current EV’S on the market today, matched against the individual’s usage suitability profile and in these circumstances, CleanCar additionally recommends comparable low emission rated ICE vehicles.

Global EV’s sales are predicted to reach and exceed at least 40% of all new car sales in the next few years. In Europe this trend is no doubt encouraged by both National and Local transport planning trends as many cities globally are introducing low/zero emission clean air zones that restrict non-compliant vehicles in their drive to clean up air quality, save lives and improve overall health and wellbeing of its citizens.

CleanCar’s technology has some valuable and exciting side benefits that the team are keen to explain.  Such as its ability to provide mission-critical data for Vehicle to Grid systems (successful long-term V2G trials in the UK prove the point) plus its ability to pinpoint suitable charge infrastructure equipment (equipment suitability & installation cost comparisons) in addition to accurate ‘location’ mapping for fleet charge point infrastructure.

These and other data analysis results should interest potential partner company profiles.  Especially; OEM’s, Energy Providers, Smart City Planners and significant automotive Dealer/Retailer Groups. So, CleanCar’s data analytics capabilities deliver a range of benefits to both consumers and enterprise customer profiles that have relevance globally. This is why the CleanCar team are keen to talk to potential partners in International Territories during WEB SUMMIT 7. This is to explore mutually beneficial partnership opportunities. CleanCar is a triple P profile business where People, Planet and Profit work together for mutual success.

Alex Baker CEO will be attending and available for media interviews and quotes. Having established a leading profile on all matters EV! The CleanCar team look forward to meeting WEB SUMMIT 7 attendees. Attendees who would like to find out how CleanCar helps both individual motorists and Businesses. To make informed, sound economic-based decisions to switch to electric mobility.

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In the five years since we envisioned CleanCar, our core proposition has become increasingly more relevant to business fleets and motorists. We accelerate the transition to electric mobility from fossil fuel dependency. Our CleanCar solution aims to fully inform both businesses and private motorists in making that ‘transition’ as easy as possible…


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