Overview of CleanCar

First of all, welcome to the Overview of CleanCar for Employers and Unions. In the time that we have been providing the CleanCar solution, we have worked with some very large organisations many of which have good solid union representation. However, this “One Page” overview is about what CleanCar is, how it works and how we use the data… CleanCar is an easy to deploy ‘vehicle usage profile’ data gathering method that (via a simple self-install device or Smartphone app) proves suitability and also provides accurate cost-benefit analysis to fully inform the decision making process to switch from petrol or diesel powered vehicles to their electric vehicle equivalents.

It helps a driver and company to see:

  • If current diesel or petrol vehicle is or is not suited to a switch to an electric vehicle.
  • If making the switch to an EV will save the driver any money
  • What type of chargers are required and where they should be located?

In fact, what does CleanCar do exactly?

  • Establishes your vehicles ‘usage profile suitability’ to switch to electric
  • Details the cost savings with an accurate Whole Life Cost analysis report
  • Recommends best-fit EV replacement vehicle/s

How does it do all that?

  • By accurately profiling a vehicle/drivers regular vehicle usage profile
  • Uses GPS location data collected over a representative period
  • With a simple plug-in GPS device or Smartphone app

So, why bother with CleanCar and Electric Vehicles?

  • Many organisations experience cost savings of more than £2000 per year by driving an EV when compared to an equivalent diesel or petrol and save on greenhouse gasses.
  • The government are also introducing clean air zones as they will be requiring  vehicles in many cities to be zero emission to enter or pay a significant levy.

What you need to know –

1.    Drivers journey details are never shared with a manager or an employer only if the employee gives specific permission to do so the permission is sought separately so is not something a user can do accidentally.

2.     Fleet decision makers will only see reports that show aggregate statistics of the vehicle that helps to prove suitability.

3.      Indeed customers can use data to show electric vehicle suitability, potential cost savings and ideal infrastructure locations.

4.     Data will not be used to improve driving or behaviour and certainly not to alert an employer of any speeding infringements.

6.    CleanCar adheres to the strictest GDPR and data protection rules. The parent company and developers of CleanCar.io (The Virtual Forge) have been awarded ISO 27001.

Finally, thank you for reading the overview of CleanCar for Employers and Unions. I hope the all above has been interesting and certainly worth reading. If you would rather read some more blogs about CleanCar, you are more than welcome to, please click on the links below for more blogs about CleanCar.io.



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