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Are you a Fleet Manager or employee that is in control of a fleet and wants to switch to EV? Take a read of this blog, it will be worth your while…

Having an Electric Fleet is what all fleet managers consider. However, the time it takes to look more into making the switch is very time consuming. Also, the costs of converting to EV is the worrying and daunting part, as you want it to be correct. It all comes down to the fear of the unknown, who knows if it will be beneficial to make the EV switch… You, myself an fleet managers would never be able to work out which electric vehicles would suit each driver you have. But… We have something that will. The CleanCar System. Choosing CleanCar saves you time and shows you the true benefits of making the switch to electric vehicles for each of your drivers etc. see, all done for you.

What if –

What if the CleanCar system told you, changing your fleet to an Electric Fleet could save you money and in fact keep your air cleaner for your environment. Would you change your mind or even consider making the EV switch?

I thought you might…

Having a small or large fleet doesn’t mean your drivers will suit the same electric vehicles. All of your drivers daily journey’s are different. Having the risk-free CleanCar system guide you to your EV decision is great. Once you have made the decision you will have all the information to back your decision up and reassure you for whatever that may be. For Example; Half of your fleet could be doing 100’s miles a day up and down the country. Whereas your other drivers might only drive 20 miles per day. So, the same vehicle’s would not benefit all of your drivers. CleanCar decides what vehicle’s would benefit your drivers personally in their own personal account.

A lot of fleet managers are apprehensive about making that leap to an Electric Fleet. Which is understandable, as it’s their responsibility and making the right decision counts as no money wants to be wasted. The decision for EV has to be 100% correct. Having data and information to prove to your Managing Director that the business will save money from the EV switch is what you want. This really does back your case up and it also shows that you have a understanding of how you are going to save the business money etc.

Considering a Electric fleet…

Having an Electric Fleet is exciting… Something new. Especially seeing all those EV’s out in the office car park. Smart looking and money saving…  How will they get in to meetings on time with the range that EV’s have? Majority of users will have charging points at home, so vehicles are guaranteed a charge throughout the night. Although, there should also be charging points at the office carpark. However, all trips drivers make should be planned ahead. So, it isn’t as worrying as you think…

Majority of drivers become worried due to range anxiety. Something that you wouldn’t be able to change it would have to be overcome in time.  It is just the initial thought of thinking you are going to be running out of battery and the range you have in your vehicle isn’t enough. Whereas it has been proven your vehicle is suitable for your jounreys so no need to panic. Think ahead. Planning your journey’s can help you feel more comfortable knowing you have to stop along the way to charge an knowing where to stop, but always keep a back up plan. Have another charging point to hand if the original one you planned to use is not working or busy etc. Honestly, there is nothing to worry about. There are so many charging points around the country and at service stations and cities as the country is really adapting to Electric Vehicles it’s great.

Recovery cover for your EV fleet –

Another thing you are probably are thinking about is recovery. Are my drivers going to be looked after if the vehicle breaks down or runs out of charge? There is no need to worry regarding this. Your drivers will be treated the same as any other driver who drives a diesel/petrol. How will they know how to fix an Electric Vehicle?

You ask, well… A lot of recovery companies have trained their employees to be prepared as they are adapting to the future as there are a lot EV’s on the road already.

There are recovery companies that will tow you to the nearest charging station if you have ran out of battery, so you don’t just contact your recovery company when you have just “broken down”. This is to ensure that you your recovery service keeps you safe. There are a lot of companies that are now supporting Electric Fleets. If you have actually broken down they will try to sort the issue out or tow you to a garage, home. Depending on your policy with the recovery company.


Knowing that a vehicle you drive everyday is making you overspend is mind blowing…

It is mind blowing especially knowing the amount of money you could be saving on other things. If you saw the amount of money the business would save from the EV switch, well… you would switch tomorrow! Let CleanCar tell you. Not every business is benefited by switching to EV. That’s why we allow CleanCar to inform you on what vehicles would suit your daily journey’s best. On the other hand, it could tell you would not benefit from making the EV switch.

Switching your Fleet to an Electric Fleet is a BIG jump in the business but knowing the benefits of electric vehicles and knowing how the electric vehicle technology is growing and expanding it is such an advantage to you and the business. Improving your knowledge on electric vehicles; charging points, solar panels it’s all to still to learn…

Now, finding out if your drivers are doing the amount of miles that would be suitable for a EV is possible. The CleanCar system shows what vehicles are beneficial for individual drivers by a capture of journeys from the CleanCar device an a click of a button. All journeys are stored in the drivers own personal accounts that are set up by the system, this is when the system will show what EV’s will be beneficial for the driver.


How can you measure this by their journeys?

Here is a brief explanation of the CleanCar system. A CleanCar Device that goes into 12V of the vehicle. CleanCar’s device would then record all journeys that have been driven. You will choose how long you use the CleanCar system for. The more time you use the CleanCar system the more data you will have and can reflect on. The CleanCar data will then be stored in your own personal account. After using the CleanCar device you will then be able to review your own data and view what vehicles will be beneficial for you in your account.

How to Contact The CleanCar System Team –

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