About The CleanCar System – A Quick One page Overview – 

The road to cleaner, greener transport

In the nearly five years since we envisioned CleanCar, our core value proposition has become increasingly more relevant to business fleets and motorists, as we now accelerate into a mature transition phase to electric mobility from fossil fuel dependency. There are many fleet solutions but our CleanCar solution aims to fully inform both businesses and private motorists in making that ‘transition’ decision, gleaned from real world driving data, to produce an accurate, evidence based cost benefit analysis.


 So, what does The CleanCar System do exactly?

The CleanCar system and device establishes your vehicles ‘usage profile suitability’ to switch to Electric. This for either personal or business; The CleanCar system details the cost savings with an accurate Whole Life Cost analysis report. Then, recommends best fit EV replacement vehicle/s. CleanCar also Provides charge point infrastructure location and type advice. Lastly, CleanCar Calculates C02 & N0X mileage based emissions reductions.

How does it do all that?

This is how the CleanCar system does it all; Using GPS location data which is collected over a representative time period with a simple plug in device or Smartphone app. Then, there is a fully automated reporting process.

Why bother? 

The reason you should bother is because the average motorists’ annual cost saving by making the switch is around £2,000 per year. That’s a decent all inclusive vacation by the way. For SME’s the cost savings not only improves their bottom line but aids their competitive edge given the fast growth of restrictive, charge based clean air zones. Some large business Fleet’s, the significant cost benefits derived over time are in the hundreds of thousands of pounds range.

So run that past me again – how does it do that?

So, The CleanCar System is an easy to deploy ‘vehicle usage profile’ data gathering method that (via a simple self install device or Smartphone app) proves suitability and provides accurate cost benefit analysis to fully inform the decision making process to switch from petrol or diesel powered vehicles to their electric vehicle equivalents.

What’s all the fuss anyway?  – Diesel is cheap and clean now, right?

 Well not so sure about the ‘clean’ claim! But, as for being cheaper, well, let’s find out…

Here’s a sample Whole Life Cost report extract that highlights the costs involved in leasing or purchasing, plus running a Diesel Golf compared to a Nissan Leaf over a three year term.



Whole Life Costs analysis – Here is a Example…

Yeah but…. What about the range issue…  – It can’t do 400 miles can it?

You’re absolutely right on that one! If your vehicle usage profile needs a 400+ mile range then currently (but with not too long to wait) EV cars are probably not the right choice at this moment in time.  Anyway, who needs range of 400 miles if every single day they start with 100 miles of range and have not driven more then 50 miles in a single day (think about that second car). Understanding the electric car technology will allow you to have a better understanding of how the vehicle works.

Minority Report!

CleanCar has profiled and analysed thousands of private and Fleet vehicle usage profiles and the instance where a 400 mile single trip range is in the 1% bracket.

Long Trips – The reality check…

Pool car solutions, video conferencing, some pragmatic car share arrangements and plain old common senses usually solve the intermittent longer journey argument. On balance, the significant running & maintenance cost benefits of electric vehicles deliver has started to ensure that good business sense is starting to prevail.

Van with a Plan!

A pre-planned en-route recharge session and a probably much needed rest break during the one off long trip is probably a good idea from a safety and comfort perspective!

In conclusion, an EV can do the majority of your journey distances – at a tenth of the fuel cost! There are so many benefits of electric vehicles that would be helpful for you making the switch and we can show that. Why not find out with CleanCar?

Give us a call on 0845 600 6880. You can also email info@cleancar.io f
or a no obligation ‘explainer’ on how to establish your EV suitability!

Fact Sheet – 

  • Founded 2013
  • Management team – 45 combined years experience in the Auto, Fleet Lease & Finance sectors as well as in data analytics and clean energy technology markets
  • Average vehicle profiling cost is little more than a full tank of fuel
  • Data gathering system can be up & running within 2 days
  • Reports are automated for easy online access
  • Whole Life Costs analytics can include a range of vehicle make/models to ‘cost compare’
  • Fleet customer examples: Lloyds/Lex Autolease, Bae, EDF, P&G, Uber
  • Significant backing from global tech company The Virtual Forge.

Have any questions about CleanCar? We have added below some questions that are from our FAQ page – these questions will be useful to this blog – for more info on our FAQ page please visit www.cleancar.io/faq.

Is CleanCar new? 

No, it’s not the CleanCar system has been assisting the fleet market to make the switch for about four years. However, the latest version of CleanCar, the one you are using is very new.  This version has been rebuilt from the ground up to aim at individual users as opposed to fleets.


How does the device work?

The CleanCar device (we must find a catchier name, send ideas to helpdesk@cleancar.io) is an incredibly smart piece of kit, but for this FAQ, we will keep it simple.

  • The CleanCar device has been designed to record GPS coordinates of your location while you are driving
  • It will do this every 10 seconds or 100 metres or 25-degree change in direction so on a winding road it takes more coordinates and on a straight one less.
  • The device saves these coordinates and every few minutes it connects to the mobile network via an onboard sim and uploads these to the CleanCar portal. It will store around ten days of driving if for any reason there is no signal.
  • Once we receive the data, we store it up, and while most people are asleep in the early morning, our servers and algorithms convert it into journeys and statistics.
  • The following day you will be able to log in see your stats.
  • CleanCar aims to help users like you to make the switch from your internal combustion engine to an electric vehicle

Who can see your journeys?

Short answer, only you.Only drivers can see their journeys with the journey detail hidden from your manager, your colleagues or your employer; there is no way for anyone to look at your business or personal trips.  CleanCar is not designed to track what you do but is a system that will use journey data to show your suitability to an electric vehicle.  We will never share your journey details with anyone unless you give us explicit permission to do so.

Who are the team behind CleanCar?

The CleanCar system is owned by The Virtual Forge and run by Alex Baker, www.thevirtualforge.com are a company who design exciting and innovative IT systems for some of the worlds best-known companies, they also analyse lots of data.We have about 120 employees based all over the world in the UK, Portugal and the USA.  The team dedicated to CleanCar numbers eight presently with loads of support from the rest of the group.Our founder Alex Baker would love to hear your views, drop him a line on alex@cleancar.io


Contact us

To read more questions that have been answered by our team about The CleanCar System please visit – www.cleancar.io/faq. We hope all the Frequently asked questions were useful to you.

Wanting to contact the CleanCar team to find out more information on how to get CleanCar device and use our system? You can contact our team at helpdesk@cleancar.io or call our office 0845 600 6880. Please find us on Social Media and give us a follow @cleancarsystem.

Thank you.