Mission, Vision & Goals


We believe that there is a simple solution that will help you to save money and save the environment while having fun. It’s a win/win situation for everyone and its available today. We believe that that Electric Vehicles are the future and will revolutionise how we travel, we believe that electric vehicles have amazing benefits for the environment the economy and you as a driver.  We know that many people and businesses could be significantly better off and save thousands of pounds each year and make the air we breathe cleaner for our generation and those to come. 


We understand that you could benefit today as opposed to waiting and missing an opportunity.  We also understand that electric vehicles are not suitable for everyone. 


If saving the planet, saving money and new experiences are important to you, then CleanCar is what you have been looking for. Find out today if an electric vehicle could make your life better.


Enabling the switch to greener, cleaner and more cost efficient motoring

Mission Statement

CleanCar aims to support and promote the switch from Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles to Ultra Low Emission Vehicles.


  • CleanCar’s values are those of engaging with its customers, staff and suppliers in an honest, fair and professional manner whilst seeking to excel in its provision of customer service and satisfaction.
  • CleanCar embraces a business culture of continual endeavor to develop world-class technology led solutions that fully inform motorists and enterprise fleets on optimal vehicle CAPEX and OPEX costs.
  • CleanCar has an overriding commitment to make a positive impact on the environment through innovative clean energy and power technology development.
  • CleanCar commits to use data in a safe, legal and transparent way, for means that benefit its customers, employees and stakeholders.


To establish an International SaaS company that will make a significant global contribution in promoting the switchover to ultra-low emission transport by fully informing consumers and enterprises on the cost reductions and environmental benefits derived from low emission transport.